• Academician

      150 Early* 250 Late*
      • Airport transfer
      • Venue transfer
      • Includes 2 submissions
      • Symposium bag *
      • Lunch box
      • Gala dinner
    • Listener

      50 Early* 75 Late*
      • Airport transfer
      • Venue transfer
      • Lunch box
      • Gala dinner

  • Early*: Early registration fees are only valid until August 17, 2020.

  • Late*: Payments will be made after August 17, 2020 shall charged with late registration fees.

  • Registration fee includes, submission up to 2 abstracts (oral or poster) to the conference, transfers between airport-symposium venue-hotels, attendance to SOFAS 2020 sessions, symposium bag with related materials (except the listeners)*, lunch-box, coffee breaks, access to proceeding books, and gala dinner.

  • For the papers with more than one author, it is the authors' choice to send one or more registration fees in order to benefit from the mentioned services included in this fee as mentioned "listener".

  • The registration fee doesn’t include accommodation, travel tickets, social activities and/or any other products or services not mentioned above. Participants are entirely responsible for making their own travel arrangements.

  • Student participants must provide a copy of their student ID document via e-mail at info@sofas.gov.tr with the e-mail subject of "Student ID Document" or must have their id uploaded to the system through the relevant section on profile pages.

  • Completed payments must be validated by receipt of payment this can be e-mailled to info@sofas.gov.tr or can be uploaded to the related section on your profile page (Uploads will be activated after August 7,2020).

  • Registration fees will only be refunded if the notice of cancellation is received before September 01, 2020. The cancellation fee is 100 Euro.

  • Cancellations after September 01, 2020 are not eligible for a refund.

For visa information please click this link and visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs visa information web page.

The registered non-resident symposium participants can get in touch with the organization committee (info@sofas.gov.tr) in need of invitation letter for visa with the e-mail subject of “Letter for Visa”.

All participants must be registered to the symposium web-site before payment. Please follow this link to register.

Bank account information that will be used for the payment of symposium registration fees is given below;

Euro (EUR)
Swift Code TVBATR2A
ExplanationSOFAS 2020 – NAME SURNAME – PaperID
Turkish Lira (TL)
ExplanationSOFAS 2020 – NAME SURNAME – #PaperID