Restorative Aquaculture

TW 2 | Restorative Aquaculture | Theoretical I

Experience the transformative potential of Restorative Aquaculture in harmony with FAO’s Blue Transformation and GFCM 2030 Strategy. Led by experts in restorative practices, this event explores cutting-edge techniques to foster ecological balance and revitalize aquatic habitats. Through inspiring case studies of successful projects, we will discover the untapped potential of sustainable aquaculture, aligning with FAO’s vision for a thriving ocean ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a conservation enthusiast, this workshop offers valuable insights into reshaping the future of aquaculture in line with the FAO’s objectives.


Giorgios PaximadisSustainability of the aquaculture sector in the Mediterranean and Black Sea:
the GFCM strategy – View Presentation
İlhan AydınThe pilot action on turbot restorative aquaculture initiative – View Presentation
Cristobal AguileraRestorative aquaculture in IRTA la Ràpita, Delta de l’Ebre – View Presentation