SUMAE (Central Fisheries Research Institute), established in 1987 by the name of “Trabzon Fisheries Research Institute”, sustains applied research activities since 1988. In 1998, She got the “Central Institute” status by the Ministry. Her regional base duties advanced to national level and her name changed as “Central Fisheries Research Institute – Trabzon”. To investigate every kind of aquaculture and seafood-based research is the task of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Türkiye (Fisheries Law No. 1380 and the changed item of this law ;14. proviso of Fisheries law No. 3288).

The aim of SUMAE is to investigate aquaculture and seafood in Turkish waters especially in Black sea region and to ensure the adoption of research results. Task area of the SUMAE is Black sea, inland waters in Marmara and North East Anatolia. Unique studies are being put forth in scientific area by the investigations of the institute as well as practical, feasible information owning economic aspects which contributes to development of the country and the region is presented to those who work in fishing and the cultivation of aquatic products. Also, the institute assists  government in incentives for fishing and aquaculture and bans on fishing by the results of investigations.

SUMAE is a multidisciplinary institution which has basic and applied R&D researches, education, consultancy and scientific publications in the field of fisheries and aquaculture at an international level with the following departmants:

  • Department of Aquaculture,
  • Department of Fisheries Management,
  • Department of Environmental and Resource Management,
  • Department of Food Technology,
  • Department of Fish Health,
  • Department of Breeding and Genetics,
  • Department of Agricultural Economics,
  • Department of Production and Management,
  • Department of Training and Publication.

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