SOFAS 2022 | Opening Ceremony and Book of Proceedings

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The inauguration of SOFAS 2022, the first International Symposium on Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, was a momentous event that unfolded with grace and significance.

With eloquence and authority, the Director of SUMAE shared the symposium’s mission, igniting a sense of purpose among attendees. The Aquaculture Officer of GFCM emphasized the global importance of collaborative efforts in sustainable aquaculture. The Symposium Chief bridged aspirations with practicality, while the Governor of Trabzon affirmed regional commitment. The Deputy Director of TAGEM lent an expert voice to the discussions.

The ceremony fostered unity and excitement, sowing the seeds for insightful discussions ahead. It resonated with the promise of collective progress towards sustainable aquaculture practices, leaving attendees eager for the enriching days to follow.

SOFAS 2022 | Book of Proceedings