Allocated Zones for Aquaculture (AZA)

Erika PorporatoADC Training Room

TW-1 | AZA | Theoretical I

Contribute to the FAO Blue Transformation and GFCM 2030 Strategy by joining our Allocated Zone Aquaculture Workshop. Delve into zoning strategies, environmental considerations, and community engagement, all aligned with the FAO's vision for sustainable aquaculture management. Through interactive discussions and insightful case studies, discover how allocated zones ensure responsible growth while preserving marine ecosystems. Be part of this progressive dialogue that embraces the FAO's vision for a sustainable aquaculture sector.


Erika Porporato Allocated Zones for Aquaculture Workshop - View Presentation
Erika Porporato Carrying Capacity Estimation for Finfish and Shellfish - View Presentation
Erika Porporato Introduction on the use of GIS in the establishment of AZA - View Presentation | Course Material
Raquel Lopez Study and establishment of an allocated zone for aquaculture (AZA) in the Lagoon of Bizerte, Tunisia - View Presentation
Linda Fourdain Capacity Building on Allocated Zones for Aquaculture in the Mediterranean and Black Sea - View Video Presentation
Güzel Yücel-Gier Application of Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing in Aquaculture Zone and Monitoring Studies- View Presentation
Amel Mzoughi Aldeek The establishment of AZAs for marine offshore aquaculture in Tunisia: opportunities and challenges - View Presentation

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