Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP)

Paolo Tomassetti, Dilek FidanADC Training Room

TW-7 | EMP | Theoretical I

Advance the GFCM 2030 Strategy at our exclusive EMP Workshop. Led by industry experts and environmental specialists, this event delves into the crucial role of monitoring in ensuring responsible aquaculture operations. Discover cutting-edge tools and methodologies to assess water quality, habitat health, and ecosystem impacts, all in alignment with the FAO's vision for sustainable seas. This workshop is designed for researchers, farmers and regulatory professionals, offering valuable insights to safeguard aquatic environments and foster a thriving and eco-friendly industry, adhering to the FAO's transformative vision.


Paolo Tomassetti Environmental Monitoring Programme (EMP) for Marine Fish Farming - View Presentation
Dilek Fidan Demonstrative Traning on Marine Monitoring Program - View Presentation

Tue 7:41 AM - 12:00 AM
20 max